The National Employment Lawyers Association Exchange (NELA)

can also provide some initial attorney suggestions by state on their site's exchange. 


NELA is a national professional organization of attorneys who represent employees in employment law cases. Founded in 1985, the purpose of the organization is to advance employee rights and serves lawyers who advocate for equality and justice in the American workplace.

Membership in NELA is open to any lawyer who specializes in employment law on behalf of employees.


NELA does not operate a “lawyer referral service.”

We do not screen lawyers for ability or background, and

therefore this service should not be considered a “recommendation.”

Rather, we are simply trying to provide a public service by helping individuals such as you find the legal assistance they need to resolve their employment problems.





"The results of discrimination are obvious but the process can be invisible,

Encourage your staff to consciously work toward having a balance of ages among employees.

That includes employees at all levels, not just the human resources department.

"Attention needs to be paid at the VP level and above,"..

"The scrutiny and concern cannot just come from the HR department.

A department, just like any person, may exhibit discriminatory tendencies …

The total executive team needs to be vigilant."





Finding the right employment attorney is not an easy task,

but asking for suggestions or researching the law firms used by others who have been successful in their age discrimination cases

could be one of your best initial sources of information.


In addition, checking the attorney's reviews on sites like yelp, google, angieslist, and then the industry sites like, or other review/rating sites is critical.


Regardless of the attorney you choose,

talk numbers upfront

and get clear answers on any and all the costs associated with

contacting, speaking to and hiring any attorney upfront.


There are many good attorneys,

but you need to  make sure the attorney you use is in that group.


We are not associated with any legal firm in any way,

nor do we make attorney recommendations at any time.