About the Age Discrimination Law Initiative by Aged Strong

Stop Age Discrimination

We are a bunch of Aged Strong people over the age of 50 from very different industries; very different career paths and all walks of life: poor, rich, somewhere in the middle, men, women, LGBTQ and the singular common bond among us is that we are mad as hell at how what supposed to be our country's leading ethical corporations and senior executives are age discriminating every day because of profits, stock price, year end bonus, retirement packages, and others.


Well, let us be clear on our intent here,

"If you practice age discrimination,

you (the executives involved);

the companies who hired these executives, and

their shareholders will each be held accountable - even after those executives retire.


Do the right thing, and

"Do unto others what you want others to do unto you" or

you will be spending those retirement funds you received while age discriminating against your peers in court. . 


Thru this site and other initiatives, we will strive to provide those that have been unjustly discriminated against on the basis of their age with the information, guidance and directory of resources to use in their fight. 


Thank you to for their guidance, support and funding of this

Age Discrimination Public Service Initiative.